Geiger And Passavant Travelling Band Screens

As the last cleaning stage in the water intake process, finest mesh screening is recommended to protect equipment such as pumps and condensers from damage caused by debris and large sediments.

For decades GEIGER® and PASSAVANT® Travelling Band Screens have been successfully operating in the water intake channels of power stations, petrochemical and sea water desalination plants, steel works and other industrial or municipal plants all over the world. Among their outstanding features are their high throughput and small machine size.

GEIGER® and PASSAVANT® In-To-Out Travelling Band Screens are installed along the water’s flow direction with the open machine side showing to the river. Dirty water flows through the mesh panels on both sides of the machine, leaving it in two streams. Screenings stuck to the inside of the ascending mesh panels are transported up to the collecting trough at operating floor level. 

Coarse screenings are thrown directly into the trough. The mesh panels are completely cleaned using a wash water system. Even the most stubborn screenings remain inside the Travelling Band Screen. After having passed by the wash water device several times, the water jet finally removes them. Large sediments, rolling matter and floating substances also get inside the machine from where they are removed. Hence, deposits on the channel invert and the carry-over effect, which can often be observed in the case of machines with other flow patterns, do not occur.