Geiger Claw Screen

The Claw Screen is usually installed as a first cleaning step in water intakes and pumping stations. This system is most suitable for removing large quantities of debris and very large obstacles from a bar screen.


  • Reliable and economic bar rack cleaning with high capacity gripper
  • Several design variants (different types of supports, running paths and curves) allow the Claw Screen to be used for multiple intake channels and discharge places 
  • Removes even large debris, e.g. tree trunks
  • The open design keeps the area around the coarse screen easily accessible for staff and vehicles
  • Low expenditure and low risk due to direct disposal into a container
  • Redundancy and increased capacity by means of two working Claw Screens on one rail track
  • Operation using a remote control or a push button pendant
  • Slip control of driving wheel
  • Slack rope control and cleaning automatic