Geiger Climber Screen

Suitable for both coarse and fine screening, as either a front or back-raked screen, the Geiger Climber Screen has been proven successful for decades. Subject to constant development and adaptation processes to accommodate changing requirements and technologies, it has always been one of the best - the original that is setting standards.

Efficiency and reliability
The Geiger Climber Screen ensures an efficient and reliable cleaning of the bar screen. The maintenance free pin rack drive guarantees absolute synchronism and quiet running of the rake. Jamming and imprecise meshing of the comb plate is thus excluded which is of vital importance for the cleaning efficiency with small bar spacing. The defined meshing of the rake due to its own weight is intensified by motor force improving the cleaning efficiency.

Low wear and easy maintenance
The renowned robustness of the Climber Screen and its easy maintenance are due to the lack of ropes or chains for driving the rake. No moving parts are submerged in the wastewater. The steady sense of rotation of the drive motor protects the driving parts. The cleaner carriage can be stopped in any position thus allowing maintenance work on the operation floor without the need for a maintenance platform.

The cleaner carriage is driven by a pair of cogwheels which engage in pin racks. The rake is controlled by rollers running in a guiding track and a follower track. The cleaner carriage climbs up and down,with the rake achieving a loopshaped working cycle. When the cleaning cycle begins, the cleaner carriage descends from its rest position with the rake arm opened. Simultaneously, the cogwheel reach the bottompin of the rack as the rake reaches the channel bottom. The cogwheel then rotate around the pin, and the rake tines mesh into the bar screen.