Geiger Multidisc Screen

Efficient fine screening is essential to protect pumps, condenser tubes and other critical equipment, and is the last cleaning stage in the water intake process.

For many years, GEIGER® mesh screening machines have been successfully installed in the water intakes of power plants, petro-chemical, desalination, steel and other processing plants throughout the world. One of their main features is the high throughput capacity with small machine size.

Standard travelling band screens have an unfavourable flow to the pump due to multiple changes in flow direction, hence requiring extensive civil structure works. A disadvantage of the through-flow travelling band screens is that the contaminated water has to flow through the mesh panels twice resulting in a higher loss of pressure.

To meet modern industrial requirements, Bilfinger Water Technologies specially developed and manufactured the renowned, innovative GEIGER MultiDisc® Screen. This innovative development marked one of the greatest technical breakthroughs in the area of screening technology in the past 20-30 years.

GEIGER MultiDisc® Screens are reliable, heavy-duty, low-maintenance fine screens with an operational life time of 35 years. Over 160 installations worldwide in less than 10 years (approximately 40 of these are in nuclear power stations) are clear proof of the GEIGER MultiDisc®’s success and effectiveness.


The GEIGER MultiDisc® Screens consist of rotating sickle-shaped mesh panels made of wire mesh or of perforated plastic (PE or POM). A single carrier chain connects the panels at the rear and runs through a deflection unit at the bottom and a sprocket coupled with a drive unit at the top. The mesh panels run on guide ways on both sides and form a unit together with the supporting structure.

The retained debris is transported to floor level by debris carriers and efficiently removed using a spray-water device. This device is situated behind the mesh panels, cleaning them intensively in both an upwards and downwards direction.

GEIGER MultiDisc® Screens are installed in the free channel and fixed to the side walls. As they are installed across the channel they require much less space than standard Travelling Band Screens, helping to considerably save on construction costs.