iSD – inge® System Design

Although we don't build water treatment plants ourselves at inge GmbH, we have too much experience and expertise to let it go to waste! That's why we decided to incorporate all of our know-how into a software package to help you plan your ultrafiltration facility. You can use our iSD – inge® System Design tool to establish the basic configuration of your water treatment plant in just a few easy steps: Simply enter the required data on the type of water, water quality and required treatment capacity. In addition, experienced users can adjust the parameters to suit their specific application and take advantage of the option to directly compare 3 different scenarios in order to determine the optimum configuration.


  • Free software with an intuitive user interface in multiple languages
  • Create the basic configuration of your water treatment plant in just a few simple steps
  • Compare different operating scenarios to optimize your plant design
  • Calculate energy use and chemical consumption
  • Select preferred units (metric or US) or define your own
  • Configure inline coagulation
  • Define appropriate CIP cleaning chemicals for the specific application and calculate quantities required
  • Supports direct feed configuration.

New iSD V2.23 is now available for download!
V2.23 is including the new dizzer ® XL 0.9 MB 80 module with 80 m² active filtration surface!

Please remember to run iSD “as administrator” if you have administrator rights on your PC/Laptop.

Please uninstall your current iSD version before installing V2.23. Do not forget to archive a safety copy of the currently installed version (C:\ProgramData\IngeSystem) before starting the deinstallation.

Download instructions:

  • Download the program to your computer by clicking on the download link
  • The first time you open the program, it will prompt you to enter an activation key
  • You can request an activation key by clicking on the link that appears in the same window.
  • Clicking this link will open a registration form in a new browser window, which you should fill out and send. After receiving confirmation of successful registration, you will then receive an e-mail containing your activation key
  • The program runs on standard Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
  • The software is installed in your user directory so you don't need administrator rights to install it
  • The software does not require any additional programs or drivers to run
  • The automatic update service requires a working Internet connection
  • The program will automatically check for updates each time you run it to ensure that you are working with the latest version of the inge System Design® tool
  • When you first run the program it will check whether Windows Visual Basic Framework 4.0 needs to be updated (part of the standard Windows installation)
  • With a server installation, up to 8 users can use the software with their own settings

By courtesy of inge GMBH Germany