Cable Operated Grab Cleaners

Passavant Geiger Cable Operated Grab Cleaners Bar Screens with Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners are typically installed in water intake systems as coarse screens. Depending on technical requirements, there are stationary and traversing versions available.

In industrial plants and numerous other applications, our reliable machines are used as the first stage when cleaning industrial, process and cooling water. In power plants they protect turbines and other downstream equipment from damage caused by bulky debris or sediments such as sand, gravel and pebbles.

Thanks to our automated cleaning technique, PASSAVANTĀ®/GEIGERĀ® Cable- Operated Grab Cleaners highly efficiently remove even most stubborn debris. These machines are not only installed in new civil structures; they can also be easily retrofitted into existing water intake systems. In addition to the stationary machines, the traversing version or our traversing trash rakes can prove to be a more economical alternative.


  • Available as stationary or traversing machines
  • Intelligent cleaning technique 
  • Highly reliable grabbing and removal of bulky debris
  • High loading capacity of the grab cleaner
  • Different speeds for the cleaner carriage during the descent and cleaning cycle
  • The cleaning cycle can be started from any grab cleaner position
  • Exact limitation of the lifting movement