Process Water

Water with specific properties: engineered water for industrial use

Water is not always as simple as it seems. It is often required to have – or specifically not to have – very specific properties, especially when it comes to industrial applications. The properties of water can be deliberately modified to meet the technological requirements of various industrial processes. For example, solids can be removed from the water using methods such as de-icing, softening and desalination, other agents can be added, or the water's parameters, such as its pH value, can be modified.

The fact is that some components of water can cause significant damage to systems and processes in industrial applications if the potential risks are not taken into account. For example, cooling water must be modified so that it is suitable for use in refrigeration units, while the water for steam turbines must be completely desalinated to prevent corrosion from damaging the boiler.
Ultrafiltration is not only used in water treatment, but also in many other industrial treatment and separating processes. UF is a highly effective substitute for sand filtration in these applications, producing outstanding water quality and consistently high filtrate quality regardless of variations in the quality of the raw water.

Benefits of inge® ultrafiltration for process water treatment:

  • The perfect pre-treatment technology upstream of reverse osmosis
  • Consistently high level of filtrate quality
  • Long service life and high availability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compact footprint of UF system
  • High performance with low operating costs


System Integrator:

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Feed Water Source:

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Dahej, India

Wipro Water

1,500 m³/day (0.4 MGD)


Process water

Surface water

dizzer® XL 0.9 MB 60 W

13 / 1

By courtesy of inge GMBH Germany