UIL Lab Analysis

uil lab analysis is laboratory testing services, which can analysis including: 

1. uil - Lab Analysis - Media Life Analysis 

Various industries use gas phase filtration systems in air purification. Some of them use
chemical media as a component to remove toxic and dangerous gases. In some cases, this
media is used for a long time and under unknown conditions. This laboratory test is intended
to provide information regarding the condition of the media by measuring the amount of active
ingredient or performance conditions of the media. 

Benefit :  
• estimate media replacement dates 
• efficiency and effectiveness operating cost 

2. uil - Lab Analysis - Coupon Analysis 

To determine the thickness of the corrosion on the coupon surface. So that the corrosion rate
can be known and also provides environmental information being tested such as the
concentration of contaminant gases and corrosion levels (ISA S71.04-2013). 

Benefit :  
• Provide information about air quality (corrosion rate, corrosion level & predictionconcentration of contaminant gases) 
• as information to determine further steps for improvement. 

3. uil - Lab Analysis - Gas Analysis 

 Atmospheric pollution arises from natural and other sources. Some pollutan is dangerous and
make equipment damaged. Gas Analysis is used to determine concentration of contaminant
gases in atmosphere. This analysis was conducted to determine the air quality too. Measured
pollutans include Hydrogen Sulfide ( H2S), Sulfur oxide (SO2,SO3), Nitrogen Oxide ( NOx),
Chlorine  (Cl2), Hydrogen Flouride (HF), Ammonia ( NH3), Ozone (O3).  

Benefit :  
• Provide information about concentration of contaminant gases
• as information to determine further steps for improvement.