UIL Cooling System is the primary equipment in an air system. It handles the condition of the air and distributes it to various conditioned spaces. UIL Cooling System has been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all kinds of space cooling and heating. UIL Cooling System can be used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, factories and many more.

Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit distributes conditioned air into the room with a centralized control system. There are 2 types of Air Handling Unit:

1. Direct Expansion System

2. Chilled Water System

Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Unit functions to control the temperature in the room which is controlled by a thermostat or switch on / off.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted is a popular type of cooling system.  Wall mounted has a concise shape so it takes up less space.

Precision Air Conditioning

Precision Air Conditioning designed for rooms that need good temperature and humidity control. Precision Air Conditioning is used in data center rooms, server rooms to medical operating rooms. The advantages of Precision Air Conditioning are:
1. Specially designed for rooms with electronic component inside.
2. Able to maintain temperature and humidity.
3. Able to work nonstop.

Standing Floor
Standing floor is a practical and flexible cooling system unit. Standing floor is not permanently installed in the room so it is easy to move.

Cassette has a simple but elegant design. Cassette can distribute air well, so that cold air is distributed evenly in the room